Alaska Airports


I’m sorry if this has been posted previously, but I have noticed that the majority of Alaska airports do not show up properly in the history of the flights, since most are listed with a "K’ designator, instead of a “P”. I have taken a few moments to list several airports that I have located in the FlightAware history that do not show up properly. I hope this is useful for a future update by FlightAware to this great product

Flight Aware Correct ICAO Airport Link

KDLG PADL Dillingham Airport

KANI PANI Aniak Airport

KSNP PASN St. Paul Island Airport

KDUT PADU Unalaska Airport

KCDB PACD Cold Bay Airport

KSDP PASD Sand Point Airport

KAKN PAKN King Salmon Airport

KHPB PAHP Hooper Bay Airport

KJNU PAJN Juneau International Airport

KSIT PASI Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport

KKTN PAKT Ketchikan International Airport

KMCG PAMC McGrath Airport

KPSG PAPG Petersburg James Johnson

KWRG PAWG Wrangell Airport

KADQ PADQ Kodiak Airport

KPTH PAPH Port Heiden Airport

KPBV PAPB St. George Airport

KSLQ PASL Sleetmute Airport

Others that need an update include

PABE PABE Bethel Airport Alaska (not PA)

since it is linked to the Pennsylvania airport, not the one in Bethel Alaska

KMDM MDM Marshall Don Hunter Airport

KFSP FSP Nikolai Airport

I’m sure there are more.

Hope this helps
Brian S.


It has been discussed several times. Please enter “Alaska” into the search feature above to find out what’s going on with this. (It’s also happening with Hawaiian airports.)