PAPG and other Alaskan Airport information


I tried using the “Resources” menu selection recently and I’m not sure if you’re aware that the wrong airport information is displayed for PAPG which is Petersburg, AK. Information for a US Army field at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds is what comes up. Also, if you choose to “browse by state” and select “Petersburg James A. Johnson” the identifier that automatically comes up is “KPSG” and your system calls that an “unknown airport”. The proper 3-letter ID is PSG and the 4-letter ID is PAPG. In fact, a lot of the Alaskan airports, when selected, automatically come up with the wrong airport identifier. Thanks for your attention to this matter.


Unfortunately a common problem.

See … n+airports for starters.

There are a couple other threads on this topic. If you use the search feature and put in alaska and airports, you will come up with the other threads that also extensively cover this topic. Be sure if you do use the search to type the word and. This ensures that both words are found.

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Even more efficiently and saving 5 keystrokes, enter alaska airports then click the radio button that says " Search for all terms" - why type 5 extra characters (space followed by “and” followed by another space) when you can let the computer do the work for you! :slight_smile:



Your actually only saving 4 keystrokes as you would have to enter one of the spaces :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry - in my enthusiasm to save keystrokes and let the computer do the work, I miscounted! :blush:


As you can tell, I had nothing better to do than to figure it out