Alaskan airport info


It is a valid airport, as shown by with information/procedures/etc

But the daily arrival graph says no such airport.

This appears to be the case for any alaska airport where the 3 letters of the IATA code don’t match up - also broken - works fine

Any theories?

I’m still trying to sort out why nobody out of PANC going to other alaskan destinations files flight plans correctly, it looks like they are all filed with K + the 3 digit ATA code instead of the proper P*** code. I wonder where exactly the process is breaking down?

Now this is interesting: … /PANC/KKSM

But on this map KKSM is plotted at the place where PASM is… which is what this airport is:

Problem also exists at: … /PJHM/PHNL

I tried searching, but couldn’t find something apropos. My apologies if I missed a previous discussion.

#2 … ght=alaska … ght=alaska … ght=alaska … ght=alaska … ght=alaska

Here is some of the discussion on Alaska.


My bad. I will take greater care in the future.


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