Incomplete maps in Alaska


im sure this has been brought up before, but why are all flight track maps incomplete or zoomed in too tightly in alaska? I was watching FTA10, FTA11, FTA12, and FTA14 from today (PANC/KFAI/KAQT/KAQT/KFAI/PANC). All the tracking data looks complete, but while tracking and looking after the flight, i just see little pieces of the map.

I also see this on tracks between PANC and KFAI on alaska airlines flights.

Any ideas?


They’ve filed flight plans to/from airports that don’t ‘exist’ (K+IATA airport code instead of ICAO airport code), so all we can plot is the flight path (which usually starts and ends at a few thousand feet above the ground in Alaska), plus the airport at either end if it exists.