Incomplete tracks depicted?


I am new to FlightAware.

I notice our flights (in Hawaii) show only portions of the route…

ie. large gaps of our path are missing?

What is the deal?

I am using Vista and Firefox.

Any suggestions?

Capn Bob


It’s the famous “Hawaii Problem”. The answer can be best found by using the search feature at the top, next to the handy dandy FAQ link. In fact (I may be wrong. Been a while since I have been to the FAQ area), the answer may be in the FAQ section.


I’ve noticed a lot of incomplete tracks and data for our club planes lately.

Yesterday I flew N2218Z from ROC to UUU and back, and see only short segments of each flight.

Am I doing something wrong?


the other planes in the club are 2202A and 210SP. I’ve seen similar results with them as well.