tracking data

Pardon me if I’m dense, but for the past month or so I get no track lines on the map - just maps. Have searched the posts but can’t find anyone else with the problem.

Which airport were you looking at?

airport was GPM, but can’t see tracks on others as well - just see the map with no track

If you click the + in the upper right corner of the map, are all the boxes checked?

Going thru the same thing here tracking Northwest Flight 2514 from LA so that our Limousine driver will be there on time. The status information shows it has less than an hour before reaching Tampa, but the planned and historical tracking data that is always useful to us is now being displayed.

JohnS72 there was an issue with mapping overnight that has since been resolved. Please let me know if your issue is still occurring.

I’m still receiving no track , just maps. All plusses are selected.

What platform are you on?

Vista home premium 32 - always worked up to about 2 weeks ago - can’t think of anything changed.

So you have a map you can pan, and you can switch between Earth View, Sectionals, and Classic, as well as zoom in and out. And you have the globe button, but you see no lines representing anything on either airport or flight maps? What browser are you using?