missing flight track


Wed of this week I was on an IFR flight within the Houston Approach area. In the past IFR flights that werent through Center wouldn’t show up. I’m pleased that “approach” flights are now shown. However, the track itself was missing. Is this due to not being under centers control? (N6257D)


The flight appears because we received departure and arrival (or cancellation) messages for the flight. The map doesn’t appear because we didn’t recieve any position reports for the flight.


thanks for the info. I guess the center computer has to be involved to get the track, right?


Why don’t the CONUS portions of tracks from places like ANC appear, then? I hear 747’s from UPS, for instance, passing overhead all the time (ANC-SDF, mostly). Their tracks disappear around Juneau and never appear again, even when they pass from Canada back into the US. There is an amazing amount of traffic like this. European flights heading for DFW, etc., sometimes do the same thing. Thanks, - N0AAA (CID)