Houston airspace data is missing

Why is it that I cannot see any flight information - position, heading, or altitude, once an aircraft enters Houston airspace?

It’s working for me. I tried both IAH and HOU and found the data on the map.

We can’t see it at all for aircraft - N122TG…flight path always missing when close to Houston airspace.

Most likely center hands them off to a local controller (ie Approach or Tower). It is also possible they have cancelled their IFR.

Yes - I think that’s right.

The aircraft is being handled by Houston Approach/Departure, either leaving or arriving into the Houston area. The flight path ends at Houston approach airspace when arriving and begins outside Houston approach airspace when departing.

The flights never cancel IFR.

Why can’t we see the flight paths when being handled by Houston Approach/Houston Departure while still under IFR?

We’re aware of this problem – we’re based in Houston. For some reason, we aren’t getting data from the FAA for low altitude aircraft in Houston Approach airspace. We’ve been trying to get it taken care of; I get a bitter reminder every time I fly in and out of HOU (like yesterday)!

Thanks dbaker. I appreciate your response.

I think maybe that Houston Approach can be a really odd animal -
For the longest time, whenever we flew VFR with flight following, we would be dropped and not handed-off to Houston Center when leaving their airspace. They never had a very good reason for it - Approach blamed Center and vice versa. It has been working well now, however, for the last year or two. What happened to resolve it remains a mystery.

I fly in and out of the area on an IFR flight plan nowadays anyhow.

Good luck with resolution of the data issue with FAA.