Flight data missing when not involving Center?

I know similar issues have been discussed in much earlier threads, but it was allegedly corrected. Today I flew from Bedford MA (BED) to Martha’s Vineyard (MVY) and back. Both flights had a single squawk code and I had no trouble with handoffs. My flight plans were successfully transmitted to ATC and I transited class B airspace. Yet my aircraft never showed “Scheduled” on FlightAware and even hours after returning I find no record of my flight. Could this be because both flights only involved Boston Approach and Cape Approach and never involved a Boston Center sector? From prior experience, whenever Boston Center is involved, it seems FlightAware does just fine.

I’m not entirely sure how it’s routed at the FAA, but it does appear that our feed is aggregated from the centers. We see a lot of missing data with flights that only touch departure/approach. What was your flight identifier?

This Beechjet managed to get tracked part of the way today on the same route. Similarly this TBM last weekend.

N267ND – departed KBED around 1545Z today.

Oh, was this VFR? We got a string of positions and a cancellation (which is nominal for VFR these days), but no flightplan info or departure message.

VFR pretty much stopped working with an FAA software update on August 22, 2010. We’ve been working with AOPA and the FAA to get VFR back in our feed, but haven’t made much progress.

I thought this was resolved a long time ago with the mind numbingly large number of discussions here and over on AOPA about filing IFR with a VFR altitude prefix. Tracking VFR flights is extremely useful when being met by family and friends and it’s a terrible shame to see we’ve regressed.

I found another forum post discussions.flightaware.com/view … hp?t=12480 regarding this. Interestingly I can confirm some of what a pilot on that thread reported – I’ve gotten tracked when coming to and from New Hampshire, but something about MVY doesn’t work at all.