VFR Flight Following Tracking Update


I was wondering if anyone had an update of the problems with VFR Flight Following Tracking on FlightAware. I read some previous threads regarding ongoing problems and petitions to the FAA to get them fixed. I have flown half a dozen flights in, around, out of class B, C, D recently, none of which show up on FlightAware.


I just did a few flights yesterday and today, and somehow they all got rolled into one tracklog:

flightaware.com/live/flight/N186 … B/tracklog

Yesterday I flew from 1B1 to BHB, but diverted to PSM for weather. Spent the night, flew PSM-BHB, BHB-1B1 and 1B1-FRG, all with flight following and all with non-local (non 0XXX transponder codes).

Seems Boston Center never closed me out after I diverted to PSM (was handed off from approach to tower), so all of the subsequent flights got tacked onto that. Strange.