No flight path or track log

Gandering at angel flights and 2 of the 3 flights do not have flight paths as of the writing of this post (14:55Z).

Figured to post this just in case there is a bug or two? Time enroute and remaining seems to be updating.

No flight paths

Looked ok


Hey Allen,

Could it be that they are below radar coverage for the controlling facility? Additionally, could it be that they are TRACON controlled as opposed to Center Low controlled?


Could very well be, as did show up on the map once they left Birmingham approach.

Not familiar with the other flight
ATC configs, but from looking at the geography, I wouldn’t think they would be flying from TRACON to TRACON.

They filed 7000 which would make me think they should be high enough for center control?

Even so, the time enroute and ETA is updating accordingly. so how is that data being derived if not showing a tracklog?


Hmmm…maybe they took off IFR, and then switched to VFR and kept the code?


Once you cancel IFR, I believe your tracking would completely stop, and the enroute estimates would terminate and show arrived?

Dunno, but now the track is on the page and it wasn’t when I posted, and looks like it terminated with an approach controller per our original thoughts. … /KBUF/KCDW



Again, I’m chiming in late…
I know that on numerous occasions after filing IFR or VFR (I have to be on a flight plan flying out of KLGI) and Norfolk App. apparently doesn’t particpate with this stuff, but as soon as I pick up Potomac App or Washington Center, I appear.
It’s all about participation?
It’s frustrating, I was going to take the cheapest airplane I could rent and make my initials using GPS and see what the outcome was, much like what Cessna did with the citation a few years ago!

I have mine “planned out”, just a matter of getting enough real estate “thunderstorm free”, 4 hour window of opportunity and of course my airplane out of the avionics shop to fly a letter A over MS and LA.

To increase the odds of it working, I am planning to go westbound at 6000 and east bound at 7000 to ensure I remain with Center after departing KJAN airspace.

Don’t have the specifics here at work with my intersections, but generally I will fly from JAN to GLH to MLU VOR’s and do course reversal at MLU to return.

Midway between MLU to GLH on the course reversal, will turn 090 to intercept the right “leg” of the A on the victor airway and return back to JAN.

Total flight time will be about 3 1/2 hours without wind considerations.