Incomplete tracking


I did an IFR flight of nearly 5 hours 45 minutes this past Sunday but the track only covers the first 17 minutes. I do not find any answers by searching the subject, but apparently others are having similar problems. Is this a glitch and how does Flight Aware learn about it?


Hi Shirley,

You are missing a lot of data for us to help out. First and foremost, what is your tail number. Second, what date and where was your flight to and from.

Thirdly, if it was a flight that covered going from approach controllers to another approach controller, rather then goiing through AARTC, then there is a good chance, that is where your problem of tracking may be.

Approach ATC handles the flight data differently then centers.

While not may be much for you to go on, hope this helps.



VFR on top?


Nope, makes no difference, VFR on top is an IFR clearance.

It’s the handling of the data between the ATC components that is causes the discrepancies. I.E Center facilities work great with FA, Approach facilities, not so great with FA.



The flight was for N36SR on 5/27/2007.

I feel 99% certain that I went from Regional Approach Control to Ft. Worth Center and then to Ft. Sill Approach Control.



Oops! Forgot to say that the flight was from FTW to RCX although the info on Flight Aware does show the filed flight plan.



Being the distant you covered, I am pretty sure you went through various centers.

I am sure one of the FA gurus will have an answer for you as clearly something hiccupped somewhere outside my expertism. :slight_smile:

Sorry I couldn’t be of any more help (other then getting you to post your tail number)!



Looks like a controller accidentally sent an early arrival or cancellation message. Did you switch controllers right after reaching top of climb? Could have been a mistake during the handoff.


A controller making a mistake??? You’re kidding!


I have seen the same kind of pattern occuring with commercial flights. Though I don’t have links yet, I can think of three occasions when my pilot has requested a new flight level to get into smoother air ( get out of turbulance ) At the very point the new flight level was granted, the flight track ends, and there is no new track to be found to " see" the remainder of the flight.

I just note the time of the request and check FA the next day. If there is no deviation from the flight plan, than the flight track appears the entire trip.

Just for reference, ACA 684 and ACA 685 are the flights in question. actually, on another point, as I was looking for links, I noticed that most of the flight that I speak of are no longer here on FA. Example, I was on ACA 684 on May 6, this flight requested a change in altitude, it showed up on FA as an incomplete track, now the flight no longer exists.


I’ve noticed it too, esp between centers (ie LA-OAK or SEA-OAK).


The same thing happened to me yesterday. My flight registers as 1min. I got my first clue that there was an issue when I got handed from Whidbey Approach to Seattle Approach and was instructed to stay clear of Class B airspace. I came back and informed the controller that I was being vectored and was assigned 150deg at 3K (unless I’m mistaken if I’m vectored through Class B that’s the controller sending me there - how would I remain clear of the airspace if told to fly there). He sounded confused at first when he came back but confirmed that I was on an IFR plan and to fly 150deg at 3K. Then I continued to get vectors to RNT. The first controller probably hit the wrong key.

N5181R ORS to RNT.


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