Dropped track?

Sorry if this is a well-known problem. My partner was flying back from Arkansas yesterday, and here is the track:

flightaware.com/live/flight/N407 … /KFYV/KRMG

He filed and flew IFR from FYV to RMG. He told me later that the only unusual thing that happened to him was that he was out of radar service briefly. Why did the flight tracker stop tracking him and never pick him up again?


We recieved an arrival message for that flight from the FAA at 16:22 EDT, so any further position reports would not be displayed with that flight. That may have been when he had the momentary lapse in radar coverage.

The 16:22 EDT arrival makes the trip 41 minutes long. Mooneys are fast, but not that fast! So once the arrival notification shows up any further updates are ignored? Seems like that arrival notification was erroneous: I don’t understand why they would send one at that point during the flight.

Thanks for looking in to it.