No Flight Track


My wife notified me yesterday that while the site showed my departure and arrival time, there was no position/track for the plane on my IFR flight from DTS - AHN yesterday. (N4073N) When I checked the site that evening, my track was there. I have checked other DTS departures today, and noticed no tracks:


IFR or VFR with following?






Possibly one or more of the map servers were having problems when you and your wife made the original queries. Since the data is there, they can now display the flight track.


Happening again with N283TM right now.


For what I flight? Tracking N283TM, I see a radar track from AAF to north of FTY.

Are you logged in and/or hitting refresh during the flight so that you’re definitely receiving the most up-to-date information.


Exactly! When I wrote that message, no track was visible. There were only 17 minutes left in the flight at that time. Now, I see the track (as you do). Yes, I was logged in and refreshed. Even tried the “big picture.”

This is exactly what happened on my flight. My wife was watching (from another location/computer) for me to come in, and saw no track. When I got home, my track was visible.


Has Flightaware’s tracking been downgraded? It seems like a lot of dropped tracks as of late. Below are some recent examples of drops or missing flights tracks. I miss the VFR flight following tracks that are gone as well. … /KMVY/KEWB … /KTEB/KEWB … /KBOS/KEWB