Airport not recognized


On 6/28/2012, 12:15pm I entered my home airport code (4B8) in the airport tracker. What I got was:

“Unknown or Invalid Airport Code”

I noticed this with many airports that begins with a number. Was there a software update that no longer recognizes these coded airports??


Works for me. Wish I could be more helpful.

Thanks! I logged out and back in again and it is working. Should have done that before posting :wink:

Amazing flight from your airfield

Made it from RPMI (Malaysia) to 4B8 in 19 Minutes, in a 172 … Z/RPMI/4B8

We had an issue overnight with non-ICAO airports, it should be resolved now.

It is, Thank you sir! :slight_smile:

Ha! Yeah, I’ve seen this before. He probably picked up an IFR, or flight following at the IGN (Kingston, NY) VOR and the 3 letter ID was the same as the local international airport ID :wink: