FF issue?


First I had no drop downs when I tried to enter the airline.
After reinstalling FF curent version and a reboot, I don’t even have the box to enter the airline and the flight number is tossed into the tail number box with the N added.

The box for airline is here as I type but the main page with KIND displayed does not show it.
Thanks all.


We’ve been fighting some difficult to reproduce JavaScript issues most of the day. Try shift+reload and/or clearing your cache to see if that resolves it.


That’s what I figured. I cleaned up everything and still no joy.
Went to set program access and defaults and went back to IE to see what would happen. (with 1.5 DSL not running FF makes the internet seem like 28.3 dial up)
Anyway, it worked fine with IE and then I went back to FF and all appears OK.
Hopefully not the wikihackers…:wink:
Thanks for the help!!