Firefox 4 issues?


How bout using this thread for anything regarding the site on Firefox 4?

I just upgraded to FF4 and been surfing around on a test drive. I came here and looked at some airport pages, noticed that the icon tags (flight,type,speed etc)…those 3 lines are now double-spaced. Is this a Firefox 4 thing or a FA thing?
Overall, everything seems a little faster, even with my DSL connection.


Thanks, I reported your issue to the mapping team.


I put my response in the wrong place. Same here, does not do it with Chrome. Back to doing battle with FF4.


Not just FF4, previous versions too, there is a 1 1/2" margin on the entire website. It’s only 1/2" on IE.


I don’t know if it is FF4 or my ISP but changing from one open tab to another, typing and generally everything seems slower or hangs completely for a few seconds.


I’ve been having problems also. But it’s not just FlightAware. I think Firefox is becoming bloated. It has always been slow on starting up. It’s even slower now. I also get a script error many times when starting Firefox. At first I thought it was because of a script on the FlightAware forum page (that’s my home page) but research indicates that isn’t the reason for the script error.


I agree, it’s not Flight Aware. It happens on yahoo, well you name it.