Cannot see flight map

For some reason, every since I got my new laptop, I can’t see the flight map on Flightaware. Is it because of my IE setting? Can someone help?

Thank you.

Did you read the directions?

Haha, nice one. :smiley:

But seriously, I need help!

What do you see in their place? My suggestion is to use Firefox. What do you think dadalope?

Funny fholbert… :unamused:

This is basically what I am seeing right now.

Huh, Sometimes that happens to me, but not lately.

Can you click Help → About and tell us what version of Internet Explorer that is?

It should work in 6.x and up, but may not work in 5.x

I am using IE 8.0

The browser you posted a screenshot of doesn’t look like IE8.

Sorry, I posted the wrong picture. I updated the link above. Thank you again.

So it doesn’t work in IE6 or IE8, based on the two screenshots you’ve given us. In IE8, I see the JavaScript error exclamation point in the lower left corner. Can you double click this and then screenshot, or just type the error, including the file and line number? Thanks.

I got it to work now. After installing Firefox to my computer, both IE and Firefox can now display the flight map. Maybe the Firefox installation installed something in my computer that allows it to display properly now.

Sorry for all the troubles and thank you for all the help.

Here’s a theory. Maybe (some) new machines come with Java not installed, or mis-installed. Or maybe MS is still spreading their non-compliant variant of Java?

The maps are done with javascript, which is unrelated to java (despite the name).

just buy a Mac