Flight Finder - has anything changed?

Until yesterday, when I entered two airports (for instance KATL and KLAX) in Flight Finder the map display would show the two airports and also all aircraft that were actually enroute at that time. Now it just shows the map (with weather) but no aircraft. I have to select each flight in the list below the map in order to display each flight singularly. Have I changed one of my settings, or has the FlightAware display changed? Thanks.

I just checked this on my 2nd computer - a laptop - and the results are the same. No aircraft are displayed on the map unless I select a flight individually from the list below the map. For instance, there are about 10 flights enroute from KLAX to KJFK and NONE of them show up by themselves. Just a map of the U.S. including WX. ???

What web browser are you using? Do you have Javascript enabled?

First off, thank you for working with me on this. My OS is Win7-64 bit on the main computer and Win7-32 bit on the laptop. I’m using IE8.0.7600.16385 and it appears I have Javascript enabled (how can I be absolutely sure?). I’m going to check the site using a 2nd laptop computer that’s running Windows XP. I’ll post what I find.

Just checked my a laptop running XP and IE8. Same Problem.

This has been fixed.

It’s fixed. :smiley: Thank you! Just curious, was I the only one having this problem, or the only one mentioning it? Thanks again.

It was broken for all IE users. You were the first reporter. Thank you for letting us know.