Track Any Flight problems

The Flightaware website works fine for me except when I try to “Track Any Flight”. I have 4 pcs here. 2 work with no problems and 2 of them don’t. Of course one of the ones that doesn’t work is the one that I need to. All PCs are running XP. The ones that don’t work, when I click on the “track” button, it comes up with the “Internet Explorer can not display the page” error, as if there is no connection. Cookies are enabled, Java is up to date, Flash is up to date, ALL protection programs have been turned off (anti virus, firewalls, etc.). I have spoken to 2 representatives at Flight Aware and tried their recommendations. On the PCs that it works on, it will work with IE7, IE8, Chrome & Firefox. On the PCs that don’t work, I’ve tried IE7, IE8, Chrome & Firefox (recommended by support) to no avail. I have also rebooted the systems multiple times.

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!

Before someone says “use the ones that work”, that is not an option. I have just used them for troubleshooting purposes, but they can not be used for this otherwise.

Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide.

:question: Lets see what we can do here… Is there anyway you can email us (Flight Aware) a screen shot of the two pcs error pages that come up.

Also, we do recommend users use Firefox when viewing our website. But for the most part, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc should work.

Go into your internet folder and clear out the cache, cookies, temporary internet folders, and make sure you select “accept certificates” from trusted sites.

It seems that you may have a feature enabled that is stopping both your computers from viewing our site. Also, look at the two computers that do work, and compare their internet options to the ones that do not work.

Of course your money will be cheerfully refunded if they fail to resolve the problem :wink:

Hello Joel,

You are the rep that suggested Firefox. I did as you said and did not import from IE when prompted, but still no luck. I can get you a screen shot if you like, but it is the standard screen that you get when there is no internet connection or a site is down. I noticed in the address bar that it goes to (tail number). I also tried to just submit the correct link, but it doesn’t work either. I have compared all of the internet settings for all of the PCs and they are the same.

Thanks for your patience. I know a thing or two about computers, but this one has me beat.


Yes, that was me, who assisted you on the phone earlier. Hmm, this one has me perplexed as well. Let me talk to a programmer and I will have him post something on here shortly.


So does?

Actually, on the working PC, they both work but it goes to the second link by default. The non-working PC goes to the first link by default. I didn’t know if that info would be helpful or not. Summary: both links work on the “good” PCs, and both links don’t work on the “bad” ones.

As I mentioned in the original post, I turned off all of the protection programs. There is no firewall, anti-virus, malware, etc. programs running at all and still no luck.

The odd thing is that both of the PCs that don’t work, and one of the working ones, are very simple. Essentially “out of the box” computers all from Emachines. My point is, that no programs (other than protection that I have turned off) were installed on them. None of the internet settings were ever changed on any of the three, they are all at default settings and all the same. The frustrating thing is that I know it is going to be something very obvious when I finally figure it out!

Thanks for trying to help guys. This is very frustrating.

Check the Internet Options on the Tools menu in Internet Explorer. Microsoft has a tendency to make sure you aren’t hurting yourself when accessing the Internet.

I have checked to make sure that everything is enabled in the Multimedia section in the Advanced tab, unistalled and reinstalled Java, to no avail. The one thing that is strange, at the top of the home page screen, right above your user name, where it says Live Flight Tracking, that looks like a broken link to the gif image. Also, the image that is supposed to be in the top right (an ad) isn’t there either. It gives the same IE can’t display error. I have the screen shot, but it doesn’t look like this forum supports image uploads.

Can you load

No. It works on the “good” PCs, but not the two problematic ones.