Some pages don't recognize login status


Hello, I’ve run into a small quirk that keeps popping up. I didn’t see previous mention of it in the forums so I thought I’d mention it for the site developers. It’s not really much of a problem but it’s there every time. To reproduce:

Login to FlightAware (not the discussions)
Select "My FlightAware"
Select one of your airports to view the activity
Select one of the aircraft “types” to get the map of all such aircraft
In the “type:” box, type a new identifier
Click “View Aircraft”

The page which loads contains the aircraft requested, but does not recognize you as being logged in. If one continues forward from that page through links, you will continue to appear logged out. Using the back button in the browser to go to a prior page where you were logged in works. The same thing happens if you just select an aircraft type from the “My FlightAware” page and then request a different aircraft type.

Again, not a real problem because I can just go back a page but I thought I should mention it. Thanks for a great service.

– Mike


I tried to reproduce it, no dice. I’m logged in the entire time, and no change to the negative. What browser are you using? I’m assuming IE6.

Also, cookie settings seems to be a common problem with these errors. Is this the only page that logs you out?


Thanks for the reply. I use FireFox so your post made me think it was a FireFox 3.0.4 thing but I just recreated it using IE7 also. And you’re correct that that is the only page I’ve come across that doesn’t recognize me as being logged in. Everything else is fine so I didn’t think it was a cookie problem. Oh well, it might just be me that sees it.

– Mike


I get something similar. When I first call up FA it recognizes me but if I answer or initiate a discussion I almost always have to log in again. In fact when I looked at the FAQs for this section and clicked on a topic all I got was the current Forum index. Kind of like talking to myself.
Firefox, by the way.

John :confused:


mjanicki: We can’t reproduce your issue. Can you reproduce it on another computer?


I found that if I right click a flight on the flight tracking page I get booted out.

Example: on N319BD, I opened each flight on a separate tab. I went through each tab and it said something about registered users have 4 months of history available.


Yes, on this machine with either IE7 or FireFox 3.0.4 and I’ve seen it on other machines across campus with FireFox 3.0.3 and IE6.

I was just looking through my FlightAware airfields as usual and noticed that I don’t see the problem now from my usual machine – though up until at least earlier this week I did. Whatever gremlin it was must have decided to go elsewhere.

Thanks for looking into it and sorry for the trouble as things look to be back to normal now.

– Mike