Why do you have to type your name and password 2 times


I dont know why but at the start screen to log in you have to type you screen name and password twice to log in. :imp:


For the main FlightAware site or the discussion forums?


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What browser are you using? It could be that you only have to login once and your browser isn’t refreshing once you’re logged in. Try logging in and then clicking a link. Please report back and let me know how it goes.


I took your advice it worked,but why does it do that?


For regular tracking, I am usually logged in automatically.
When I want to go the forums, however, I double click on
"Discussions" and I go to a login screen. While typing in my
login and password, I am offered an opportunity to check a
box that says “log me in automatically” in the future. It never
does this, however. Why is that? Thanks - Jan - near CID
(do we really need the Emoticons to display all the time while
replying? Is someone selling them?)


I’m logged in automatically for both tracking and discussion forums. (Actually, I never log out.) It’s really a matter of how you set your computer to deal with cookies.

Some people are very averse to having cookies on their computer. They’ll have to log in every time, maybe even separately for tracking and for forums.

The point is that it’s under the control of the user more than of FA.


Okay, I seemed to be able to stay logged (to forums) in even after getting out of FA
then coming back in again, but today, once again, I am logged in to spotting but not into the forums. Try as I might (I love cookies), I don’t know what the H you’re talking about. Thanks for the commentary, but what do I do about it? Thanks - Jan


Jan, are you saying that if you’re already logged in for FA flight-tracking and you select the “Discussions” link on the left side of the screen, FA makes you log in again? When you are finished in the discussion area, do you log out?

If you log out of the discussion area, stop doing that. Stay logged in.

If you have stayed logged in at the discussion area, yet still have to log in when moving from the tracking area, then I don’t know what to tell you. My experience is that I’m not asked to log in as long as I haven’t logged out of flight tracking.


When I bring up FA, I am logged in for tracking (I never log out). It does not matter whether the computer was on or online or not. When I come back, it is there. When I log in to “discussions” it asks (a place to put a check mark) whether I want to be logged in automatically on each visit. I always check it. I do not log out. Thunderbird remembers my login and password. If FA drops out for any reason and I have to come back in to it, I will be logged in for tracking but not discussions. I have to go through the process again. I don’t mind this that much, but it SAYS check here to be automatically logged in each visit and it does not happen. Am I the only one? Or am I inadvertently logging off somehow. I don’t know. Thanks - Jan near CID


I’ve noticed that after I type my name and PW to login on the main FA page, the next screen shows like I am still not logged in. I have to manually refresh the page. It should do this automatically though. Why doesn’t it? It’s the only website that I can think of (out of hundreds) that I’ve logged into that doesn’t. I accept all cookies.

Also if you login on the main screen, why doesn’t that log you into the forums?


Just for the record, I’ve noticed this, too.

I spend most of my time on FA from home, but sometimes from work. Accessing main FA, I’m always logged in from either computer. But when accessing Discussions from home, I am already logged in, but when accessing Discussion from work, I have to go through the Login steps, even though I check “remeber me”.

As far as I know, both computers are set up identically for cookies, etc. Obviously something is different but I haven’t been able to figure out what it is yet.


Same problem for me too lately. I never log out of My FlightAware, or Discussions, however, recently I seem to have to keep logging in to the Discussions Forums, even though the Website doesn’t knock me out of My FlightAware as well. Strange. Must be gremlins again!


We wrote the flightaware.com authentication system, the free forum developers wrote discussions.flightaware.com stuff :slight_smile: