One Login?


When I login to the Discussions Forums, FlightAware does not log me in to the Live Tracking at the same time. Why not?


Two different things. The forum is separate from the tracking and vice versa.

Firefox and other browsers give you the option to remember passwords. Use that option and you won’t have to sign into either one after the initial sign in.


Hmmmmm :open_mouth:. From a user’s point of view, the single Login would be the way to go.




It would be but like I said, it’s two different programs. It would be like being able to sign on once for both and


I’m always logged in to both the forums and tracking. If you’re using a home computer that’s your best option.


Though your point is logical, this discussion forum is supported by a different web service ( the site support Flightaware and other discussion forums from various other web sites ). Thus the need for a separate sign in.

If I am wrong I’ll stand corrected, but I think I pick up on this point some time ago from one of the FA guys.


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