Log in/Log out

I have to log in twice to get logged in, and I have to log out twice to log out - anyone know why this is and how to fix it?

On flightaware.com or discussions.flightaware.com? Or you mean you have to do it on both sites?

It’s been happening to me too! For about a week now, I have to log in twice (into flightaware). And yesterday I wanted to post a reply and couldn’t get logged into the discussion forum to reply at all. Today it worked. (I haven’t logged out of flightaware itself in days, wasn’t sure if it was going to let me back in)

me too me too!

I figured it was just me.

Also, whoever’s changed the settings (not me) to send an email alert when a topic has been replied to on here, can you please disable it :angry: .

I haven’t touched my settings or been near my profile for weeks so someone must have changed it at the HQ end.


We haven’t touched your settings (nor is there an easy way for us to do so), but you can disable them in your discussions profile.

My profile settings are set NOT to email notification of replies but I’m still getting them. :angry:

Can someone sort this out please. :angry:

how strange

If you had them on at any time you have to disable them for each and every thread that you’ve subscribed to. The setting in your profile only affects future threads/replies; this is one of the shortcomings of phpBB.

We’ve manually unsubcribed you from all threads that you were watching.