What's up with the site these days . . . questions . . .

First I have to sign in multiple times to be able to access the entire site.

I log in, it shows my name, but in Discussion’s I have to hit reply on any topic and then sign in again to see which topics are new.

I go to flight tracker and I have to sign in again.

As for the Discussion / Flight Tracker - if your in Discussion section and you enter a flight or tail number - it won’t work - you have to click ‘live flight tracking’ then re-enter the flight tail number - which by then I’ve forgotten and have to repeat the process.

And editing posts - any idea why can’t I edit my posts anymore?? Very frustrating for example the B707 crash last week - aviation sites reported the wrong tail number - within seconds of me posting the incorrect tail number, I received verification of the correct number.

However I was unable to correct, delete, or amend the incorrect data. I hit the little red icon and requested FlightAware remove the incorrect data - but a week has gone by and nothing??

Seems as FlightAware has expanded it is becoming less user friendly??

I’ve just made some changes to the forums which should correct the authentication problems that some users have experienced.

This works for me; Log-in, then click on “Board Index”. The threads with new messages will appear correctly highlighted and I don’t have to log-in a second time.

Hmmm, the log on is definitely corrected, working fine now, Thankyou.

Any idea about being unable to amend your own posts??

All I have is a quote button - no edit??? When did that disappear and why??? Or am I just missing something???

For example, should you want to post a production list, you are unable to go back and update it???

Never mind the example of posting incorrect info, or even simple spelling mistakes???

Been like that since they upgraded the forum software a couple of weeks ago. I’ve made mention of it a couple of times since. Seems you get about 5 minutes to edit after posting a message, and then the button goes away.

I guess we’ll have to post additional messages to add or correct information in original messages. :confused:

It’s a feature, not a bug. There’s an option to only allow editing for a short period after posting to prevent shenanigans. That said, we’ll revert it to allow unlimited edits.

Shenanigans?? Yeah, no need for that here. Nobody here has ever been guilty of shenanigans :mrgreen:

I applaud your decision.

Now, how about the posts from “Guest” I’ve noticed? Is this something new or an oversight?

Nor buffoonery, chicanery, hanky-panky, or tomfoolery! :mrgreen: