My flightaware feature stopped working

My flightaware feature suddenly says that this feature is only available to reg users. I am logged in at the top of the page. Why won’t it recognize me now?

It is possible to be logged in to the discussions area, but not logged in to the main flightaware login.
Go to the main FlightAware screen by clicking “live tracking” at the top left, and then “Login” on that page.

That didn’t work. I did that and saw that I was stille logged in. I then hit Logout which did nothing, which is strange. It won’t let me logout.


Hrmmm…Dunno. Maybe someone else can help. I’m at a loss. Cookies problem? Are you using IE or Firefox?

Are you sure you’re logging in and out on ?

Positive… I am using IE, do you think its cookies?

I’m not sure I understand the question. Do you have cookies disabled and you’re asking if that’s the problem? The site definitely requires cookies to be enabled.