Won't log me in



I did a search and nothing that would help me popped up, so I have a question:

I have an account with Flight aware and, up to a few weeks a go, my system has logged me into FA no problem. However, recently when I visit the site, I have been taken to the non-registered users version. When I attempted to log in, my user name and password showed up, but upon hitting the “login” button, it returned me to the non-registered users page, (ie It didn’t log me in), Can somebody help me with this issue?

Thank you, and have fun tracking aircraft! :slight_smile:

My first post!


Couple of thoughts while the experts are still sleeping.
You had to be logged in to post here, unless you started a new account.
Did you recently clean out your computers cookies, or change their settings? Sometimes the gremlins change them for you.
Empty your computers cache, that sometimes works for problems like this for me.
That should get you started.


Sounds like you have cookies turned off.


Welcome to Flight Aware! In addition to porterjet’s suggestions, it almost sounds like you have the browser save the password the way you wrote your question?

If that is the case, then maybe the “stored password” within your browser somehow got corrupted and you need to clear that out.

Have you by any chance tried on another computer to indeed rule out that you haven’t forgot your password?

Might help on your reply to tell us your browser and operating system on the computer you are having problems so further more detailed guidance may be given especially if you don’t know how to clear out previously stored passwords within the browser.



Regardless of browser (at least on a PC, don’t know about the Mac), if a password saved the user can still type in the password and have it accepted. If a new password is entered, some browsers will ask if you want the new password saved.


I found this issue that occurs when I change something in my profile, such as displaying all times local or for a specific time zone for example.
If I log out, the forum won’t recognize my user name and password for a few hours. I can still log in to FlightAware, but I can’t log into the forum zone to be able to post discussions.
[Caution: If you try this, you might be muted from the forums for a few hours]


I’ve had this happen every few months. I think that if you go into the main FlightAware tracking page and change your password in the PROFILE it will work again, right away. You can re-use your same password.


Thank you all for your help, I have cleaned out the cookie jar and memory files and – guess what? I was able to log in! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help once again. :slight_smile: