Flight plans filed

Seems like the trips that have flight plans filed but haven’t departed yet are no longer showing up or I don’t know where to find them. Thank you for any assistance.

Do you have an example?

Unfortunately no. In the old days if a flight plan were filed, it would show up in the area of the flight information on the top right of the page showing it as scheduled and ETD and ETA. Now, that doesn’t seem to show up. What shows up is the last completed flight or flight currently in process. The scheduled flight is missing.

Thank you for whatever assistance you can provide.

Shows up OK for me in the righthand sidebar

flightaware.com/live/flight/ASH … /KIAH/KPIT

I guess just one of those mysteries of the computing world. I will be filing a flight plan later for tomorrow morning and I will check again. Is there a time limit that they don’t show up until x hours before the ETD? I thought they showed up whenever they were filed no matter when the ETD was. I had been using Flightaware to cross check Garmin MyPilot’s flightplan filing to make sure they were going through because from time to time I wasn’t getting the confirmation email, so after I file I went to Flightaware after awhile to see if the scheduled flight was there. This system was working fine until a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t find the scheduled flights any longer.

One more thing, the sample you posted was a commercial scheduled flight. Could you please check a GA flight?
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Thank you.

I will be filing a flight plan later for tomorrow morning

What’s the tail number?

N5355S. I received a confirming email from Garmin at 1415 this afternoon that the flight plan had been filed. Thank you for your help.

It seems to be there now.

It was not there when I looked yesterday shortly after your post, though, so it may just be that your flightplans are taking some time to arrive in the datafeed that FA consumes. AFAIK there is no delay on the FA side, but there are several other systems involved so it’s possible that something upstream is holding the data until closer to the ETD.

I set up an alert to see when I received notification, which I assume is the same time it would show up on the site. I received the alert at 6 am CST which was exactly 3 hours prior to scheduled departure. We also noticed that the previous 3 or so flights showed up exactly 3 hours +/- a few seconds for the past flights. I will ask around to see if there is a “why” for the change.

Thanks for clearing it up.

I have a “why” for you now. Looking at the data on the difference between when we receive the flight plan and filed departure time, we see definitive differences at 17 hours before departure, 24 hours before departure, 3 hours before departure (where yours have been recently), and 31 minutes before departure.

The differences could be caused by different filing programs, the FAA, or anything else upstream of FlightAware touching the flight plan before we receive it.

Hope this sheds some light on your question.

Thanks for your effort in sorting this out, I appreciate it.