N5321A not showing up as scheduled when filing FA FP.

Kinda time sensitive I suspect.

I filed through Flight Aware an IFR flight plan just prior to this post on flightaware.com/live/flight/N5321A and it not showing up as scheduled for 15:30Z tomorrow morning?

Bug or could it be due to the prior flight was IFR from KMBO (probably flown back VFR, I hope!) and the system not liking it?


do they file that far in advanced? Fltplan.com won’t file till about an hour before the flight.

Correct though here it seems to be sent 2 hours before proposed departure time as below is what I received in the email

“Flight plan accepted by CSC DUATS service and will be filed with ZME on Sun Jun 13 13:30 (UTC).”

As far as showing up on tail number scheduled, it had shown up as soon as I filed. See Marks reply at discussions.flightaware.com/view … 168#108168

Unlike fltplan, you still are restricted to the 24 hour advance filing through Flight Aware but once you file, it is suppose to show up on the tail number as scheduled.

It should show up on our site as soon as you file with us… I see your flight plan went through, not sure what the issue is with it displaying on the website.

OK that makes sense.