Can't see flight plan for A3


I fly an A3 and when I file a flight plan it soesn’t show up in the scheduled departures.


What’s an A3? this? (stolen from )
How are you filing the flight plan? If you’re doing it on the automated system won’t file it for you until an hour before the schduled departure time. I don’t know if Duats or FSS will show up immediately.

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Are you filing IFR?


Is this a civilian A3? If so, it would be helpful to include the N number. If it’s a military aircraft (i.e. on active duty), it won’t show up.


yes it is a skywarrior and yes it is an IFR flight plan via duats, and it never shows up despite despite the fact that duats gives the time it is filed


I file under the N-number but that doesn’t help


Does it just not show up under “scheduled departures” or does FlightAware never pick up any information on flights at all? (even post-flight)


there is a historical flight in flightaware for the aircraft


Let me restate what I said earlier: WHAT is the n-number?


Sorry, N874RS


I see the flight in there now but it’s shown as a SBR1. See


Yes I put one in as SBR1 just to see if it would show up. It’s really an A3. You can see the 3/23/06 flight on that page


If I may take a guess, A3 owner is Governement of the United States. Even though the plane is not in active military service, it must be under some Military contract for flight testing, systems testing, radar testing… that would make it appear military, thus blocked from our view.

I am just guessing at a possible reason???


When I click that I get (notice the type ?):

N874RS (details) (alert me)
Aircraft Douglas A-3 Skywarrior (twin-jet) (A3/I)
Origin Holloman AFB (KHMN)
Destination Van Nuys (KVNY)
Other flights between these airports
Route HMN150010 EWM BXK PDZ
Date Thursday, Mar 23, 2006
Duration 1 hour 49 minutes
Status Arrived 238 days ago (track log)
Proposed/Assigned Actual/Estimated
Departure 12:00PM MST 11:18AM MST
Arrival 12:50PM PST 12:07PM PST
Speed 450 kts
Altitude 16500 feet


He had filed a flight plan in there, he wasn’t talking about that older flight. The flight plan with the different A/C type was there, and that’s what he and Dami were discussing.


The aircraft type doesn’t matter when it comes to blocking. We’ve seen all sorts of military aircraft types, from actual F18/F16/A10 flights (flight ICE21) to bogus flight plans for SR71s.

CFSTENDER: We’re not sure why your flight plans aren’t appearing consistently. Can you give an example of a filed plan (date/origin/destination/route) that did not appear in the Activity Log?


True mduell, I have tracked many C-130’s, the F-18 flights ( Can and US ), Canadian Armed Forces chartered An-124 and charterd military pax flights that are military related here at Flightaware. However, I have watched many many more C-130, C-5, C-17, KC-135 and so on stage through Gander International and most are never tracked IFR flights because they are not cilvilian and thus blocked. My “guess” was based on the fact that many private companies use surplused aircraft to carry out military training duties once performed by the military itself. The fact that it is an Ex-USAF A3 doesn’t matter as much as the nature of the mission.
Just a guess based on observation. :slight_smile:


What about those NASA T38 flights?

Were the F18 flights under the callsign AM?


NASA flights are considered civilian. NASA flies type like T-38, B-57 and
U-2 for atmospheric research and training flight for shuttle pilots et al.