Flights that 'Do Not Show Up'..

Seasons Greetings to All… My ‘First Post’ as a ‘Newbie’ ! Just curious… we have a half dozen Air Ambulances that do not show up on FlightAware… however when you search the Tail#… it does show a past flight ! Is this due to the fact they ‘Do Not’ have a ‘Filed Flight Plan’ for their Air Ambulance Run… and perhaps the ones that do show up from weeks ago… were a Maintenance Flight with a Filed Flight Plan ?
Before I found this site… I always thought those Jets flying over were just heading to KDEN or KSLC… ‘Just Amazing How Many Aircraft’ are in the Air at One Time ! Then, to see one flying overhead… to find out it came from Japan… heading for DC ! Incredible ! :open_mouth:

Welcome to FA. Yes, the fact that there was no flight plan filed is why your aircraft don’t show up on FA.

What are the tail numbers or flight numbers? They might be blocked.

Life flight flies once every other day or so, out of CXO, and it is never on FA. But I can look up the tail # and look at it. It’s just the flight plan.

Go ‘Cougars’ ! I have a few… C-GDGP out ofCalgary…, also C-FIUM, C-GCPH and C-GBNH. Also a News Chopper, C-FLWB… flies everday almost… but only shows it as 48 weeks ago ? Maybe thats when they received it ? But I guess they don’t have to file flight plans as well…

Evidently those are Canadian registered. According to the FlightAware FAQ, it takes a special request for a foreign-registered aircraft to be trackable in the US via FlightAware. Specific instructions are given how to initiate that.