Flight plan after delay?

How long after a delay is a flight plan filed? I was tracking a plane and I don’t think the flight plan was on FA a significant time before takeoff. Flight was delayed about 100 minutes. I checked in on FlightAware at around that time and the old plans were still there.

P.S. FlightAware’s estimated arrival time on this one was freaking ace. Plane touched down about 10 seconds after the minute.

Edit: The actual time is there, but it’s 10 minutes off? Estimated time earlier in the flight was 9:41, changed to 9:51 later on, which might or might have been due to an unusual take-off where they had to make a U-turn rather than the usual straight out. Final time is now 9:41. I know, I know, "At least part of this flight occurs outside of FlightAware’s service area. Information on this page may be unreliable. "

If you’re talking about an airline flight, the original flight plans are usually the ones used, even if there is a ground delay program or ground stop to the arrival airport.

See the history for EGF4402 from GRB to ORD (June 19th). There were ground stops and GDPs throughout the day, but he departed using the original flight plan filed for 7:15am or so (I was working ground control when he departed). FlightAware shows his scheduled and actual departure time as being 1510, when his scheduled time was really about 715.

Now see EGF4063 for the 19th . . . this one, for some reason, showed the originally scheduled departure time correctly. 4063 departed 4 minutes after 4402, but they were both subject to the same GDP into O’Hare and were both delayed several hours.