Just an observation

Hey guys,

Just a quick question. I’ve noticed that when searching for Delta Air Lines aircraft by tail number that their status hasn’t been updated for three days. Is Delta no longer sending a/c registration info to flightaware?


I too am curious about this. I’ve recently tried to look up several registrations that have worked with no problems over the last several months. It appears to have stopped last week on 11/02/11. I hope it comes back!

I see the registration info for Delta started coming through again on 11/11/11 and, in fact, updated all the missing info from the previous nine days. However, the info stopped again on 11/11 and hasn’t updated since. The registration info from other carriers (United/Continental, Air Canada, etc.) is coming through with no interruption. Is there a way to restart the registration info for Delta?

For the last few days everything has been back to normal and working perfectly. Many thanks to everyone at FlightAware for looking into and fixing this!