One for the admins to investigate -

New DAL B738 N3773D does not show up by REG search, but yet their other new one N3772H is fine :confused:. And before anyone says to the contrary, yes N3773D is in service and has been July 31 according to Libhome.


Do you know the ship number? The airline gives us ship numbers and I don’t see that registration in our translation list.




Also, these Delta aircraft are active but there are no results when searched for by registration number. There are 2 MD-88’s, N918DL (ship number 918), N924DL (ship number 924), and two B-757’s N658DL (ship number 658) and N6716C (ship number 6716).



The bug with N3773D is now fixed and displaying flights. Thanks. :smiley:



Has the transoceanic report bug now been fixed or is it still ongoing? I’ve noticed over the past few days that the 30, 40, 50, 60W AIREPs have been appearing in the track logs again :slight_smile: . What can you tell me?


The FAA had a few 04-08Z maintenance windows in the days before your post. Spot checking and looking at the aggregate message count it appears well-formed transatlantic positions are back.


Rgr that mark, thanks.


This site annoys the **** out of me sometimes. :angry:


I was just looking up some old AAL1857 flights from 22 and 21 Nov. The info was there 10 mins ago when I clicked the links, but now when clicked they return INVALID and the URL path changes to reflect.

flightaware.com/live/flight/AAL1 … /KBWI/TJSJ

flightaware.com/live/flight/AAL1 … /KBWI/TJSJ

  • worked 10 mins ago, now come back as “INVALID”.

:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:


It’s doing it on all links not just for that flight.

AAL1985 any date in Nov, same INVALIDness.

FAIL. :unamused:


Doing the same for me… :smiling_imp:


We briefly broke the deep links to historical flights; it’s resolved now.


REFUND please!! :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

(thanks for fixing).


Ah yes; pre-emptive maintenance :wink: .


STILL BROKEN!! :exclamation: :exclamation:

“Track log and graph” doesn’t work now, it’s just refreshes the same page when you click it.

AAL1985 22 Nov.

:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:


Another bug - all the DAL B737s are messed up when searching by REG.

I’ve just heard this minute DAL657 BDA-ATL which is B737 N302DQ, but when doing a search by REG it shows as an A319 (!) routing IAD-ATL ad DAL1911 !! :open_mouth:

N301DQ isn’t tracking at all (also shows as an A319)
N303DQ ditto
N304DQ ditto
N305DQ seems ok
N306DQ ok
N307DQ ok
N308DE ok
N309DE broken (stuck on a flt from 7th)
N310DE ok





bump bump. :smiley: :smiley:

Still waiting for an admin response to this. I suspect the problem is that one of your guys has keyed in the wrong fleet numbers in order for it to process the registrations correctly. Remember that the first 700s for Delta were issued 310x fleet numbers which conflicted with the A319s so they were re-issued 3601-3610 to avoid confusion, therefore you should be showing the following in the back end database in order the process the registration look-ups properly :

3601 = N301DQ
3602 = N302DQ
3603 = N303DQ
3604 = N304DQ
3605 = N305DQ
3606 = N306DQ
3607 = N307DQ
3608 = N308DE
3609 = N309DE
3610 = N310DE

Could you check please? :confused:


Hi, Rob. Thanks for your help.

I think maybe N309DE was only a problem for a while, it shows plenty of flights for me. As far as the other ships in that sequence, here’s what we had for DAL between 3601 and 3610:

 ship_id | registration 
    3605 | N305DQ
    3606 | N306DQ
    3607 | N307DQ
    3608 | N308DE
    3609 | N309DE
    3610 | N310DE

…and here’s what we have now:

 ship_id | registration 
    3601 | N301DQ
    3602 | N302DQ
    3603 | N303DQ
    3604 | N304DQ
    3605 | N305DQ
    3606 | N306DQ
    3607 | N307DQ
    3608 | N308DE
    3609 | N309DE
    3610 | N310DE

I’m pretty sure these changes will take effect almost immediately.


Hi Dan, all the B737s seem to be working okay now thanks. But… you’ve still got some issues with your database for N301DQ and N302DQ as they are returning A319 flights and B737 flights when doing a search on those registrations. It looks like you’ve got some A319s assigned to fleet #s 3601 and 3602 in your database when they should only be the 2x B737s N301DQ and N302DQ. :smiley: