N520JF bug?


Hi. Tried to track this plane yesterday. Flightaware has it listed as De Haviland DH-125 (H25A), last flying Nov10, 05 CYVR-KEAT. It flew under a code last night so I had a terrrible time finding it, and my boss was on it, so I really needed some good info.

I came to find out from several other sites (along with the FAA Registry) that this aircraft is actually a Hawker 800XP (H25B), S/N 258317. Much simpler to track at that point. But, my question is, how is Flightaware deciding this aircraft is H25A when it is actually H25B? I have looked around and can’t find anywhere else with the H25A information. Is this some sort of bug? Is it because the (alleged) H25A flight originated in Canada?

Please advise.


The person (pilot/dispatcher/etc) that filed the last flight plan for N520JF listed it as an H25A. Where was the most recent flight to/from?


Last night the flight was LAS-TEB as TAG361.


Ah-ha – you found it.


Thanks for your help. That does make sense if the only time it’s flown non-coded/non-blocked it was filed wrong.