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New Look Flight Radar... 'Bugs'??

I’ve noticed since your new look site has come online there is lots of anomalies in an aircrafts ‘activity log’ (many flights not listed or incorrect)and/or aircraft type incorrect. I search mainly QF ‘tail#’ and am finding many flight sectors either wrong or missing, (compared to the ‘old’ flightaware),and in one case VH-QPA is showing as a B738, whereas this aircraft is an A333.sorry i can’t list all the anomalies,as there are too many!!

I see A333 for all of VH-QPA’s recent flights flightaware.com/live/flight/VHQPA

just figured it out…i was only typing in the tail# in the ‘airline flight,tail#,airport,or city’ box, without selecting tail# from the ‘All’ tab first… :blush: