Wrong Flight Activity?



I’m really sorry that my first post is a complaining / questioning one but I think the flight activity data is a bit wonky. I want to question flight activity listed for N688JC from 21 - 24 February. If that plane went anywhere on those dates it was between Beijing and Hong Kong not as listed between La Guardia / Anchorage / Russia. It has been photographed in Beijing in the last few days.

If it did fly those routes then there is missing flight activity getting it from Beijing to Anchorage and back to Beijing where a number of people have taken photos of it.

Can some one just take a look at the data?

Thanks so much!!



Is this the right place to have put this? Your FAQ’s said it was but there is no comment / reply? If it is wrong where is the right place?

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Sorry for the delay, I looked into this and then forgot to reply when I found nothing anomalous.

What’s your source that places the aircraft in Beijing or Hong Kong on the 22nd, 23rd, or 24th?

The flight from “6424N” to Anchorage appears to have originated in Beijing based on the filed flightplans, but the FAA only identified the entry point into US airspace when the flight became active. As the site notes, Russia is outside our coverage area so we don’t have any further flight information after it re-entered Russia.


Photos of the plane have been taken by fans on the ground in Beijing. It is in Beijing right now.

I have photos dated:

19.02.12 - Beijing
03.03.12 - Beijing
05.03.12 - Beijing
06.03.12 - Beijing
06.03.12 - Beijing
07.03.12 - Beijing

As you can see there is a gap. It is possible that it did go to LA and Anchorage. I would just love to confirm that. The timing is tight though as the owner was back in Hong Kong on the evening of the 29th until the 1st.

Quick question if you don’t mind - would LA / Anchorage / Russia be standard refueling stops for a flight from Beijing -> LA?

FYI you are also missing the flight from Beijing to Singapore and back again for the Singapore Airshow. It landed in Singapore on 13.02.12 and left on 18.02.12


This all seems consistent with the flights reported to us by the FAA. Note KLGA is NY not LA.

Yes this is a nominal routing for a short legged aircraft like the E135 (even in the bizjet configuration) to get to/from Asia from/to North America. Note they went over via the southern routing Van Nuys / Hawaii / Saipan to get to Beijing in early Feb which is another option depending on the winds/weather/owner preference.

Yes, as noted on our website and in the FAQ these locations are outside our primary coverage area. We only have airline flights in East/Southeast Asia.


Thanks so much for your help I appreciate it.

Do you perhaps know of any similar service that tracks Asia (or rather the areas you don’t track?). I tried googling … but no luck :frowning:

If not you guys are great - only ones with any information I have been able to find. So thanks!!


The Air Navigation Service Providers is Asia don’t make the data available for redistribution to the public or often times even the operators. There are some datalink based tracking solutions, but those are only available to the operator and not the public.

We have the largest global footprint for publicly accessible flight tracking. In fact, we’ll be soft launching coverage for another large country (and 11% of the world’s airspace) this evening.


Fantastic :slight_smile: thanks so much for the help and the helpful attitude :slight_smile: Much appreciated.