Bogota Colombia

We live in Bogota, Colombia, close enough to El Dorado airport to make life interesting. This afternoon I rushed out onto our terraza when I heard some terrific propellor noise. I saw the dark colored plane from the rear and it appeared to have SIX engines. I’ve seen some US transport planes droning their way out of here, but this seemed different.

Is there any way to determine which flight and/or which aircraft this was? I read an internet discussion about C130’s with fuel pods making the plane look like it had six engines. This is a possibility, of course. And this clearly wasn’t an Antonov.

Perhaps I’m as interested in knowing if there’s a way to follow such activity, whether on Flightaware or somewhere else.


Duan, I watch them all the time too and have an AFB within a couple of miles of me that has 130’s flying around about every day. Even though I knew better, on several occasion’s (usually from a farther distance) I’ve seen what I thought were 3 props on either side of a C-130 too. Maybe I’m wrong, but you probably just saw a regular 130.

As far as tracking military aircraft, no way. If you figure out a way to do it, let me know!

The extra “engines” could have been the fuel tanks hanging on the wings.

Thanks for the help. It saves me a a long and fruitless search for predicting takeoffs.

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