question - jet flew over low but its not on flightaware


im sittin outside and a huge jet flew over really low. we have an airport KRFD like 20 miles away. but i looked here on flightaware to see what type jet it was and i couldnt find it. even on the radar thingy. i know theres a 6 minute delay, but even after 6 minutes i still couldnt find it. it looked military but i am not postive. flightaware dont do military right? that probably explain why i cant find it.


Could you describe it more than just as a “huge jet?” Did it have 4 engines? High or low mounted wings? Tailplane at top or bottom of vertical stabilizer? Color?

What time did you see it? There’s a time stamp on your posting but that doesn’t mean you posted it at that time.

Even if RFD is only 20 miles away, it’s still possible that it was headed for ORD, MDW, or any other airport in the area.


hi, it was like 3 min before i posted it. and it just flew back by again. its like a huge cargo jet, grey or black in color. NO MARKINGS on it at all! and it had at the back of plane a place to fuel up in midair. i brung my camcorder outside just in case it decides to come back by. is it a fuel jet for military? cuz wouldnt the fuel things be on front otherwise? since its in back of plane u think its a military feul jet?


Ouch, that is actually painful to read.

Yes, it sounds like a military refueler. If it had 4 smokey engines it most likely was a KC-135, the military version of the Boeing 707.
If it had 3 engines it was most likely a KC-10, the military version of the DC-10.


the boeing one looks a lil like it, but those pix they are light colored, the one i seen was darker, im almost postive that pic of the boeing was it. but the color was diffrent, so that mean its for a diffrent branch of military? it had no markings on it. any ideas?

ps i wanna thank all you for replying


o ya forgot to mention, there wasnt that many engines on it, only 2 engines. i wish it fly back by so i can get a pic of it lol


If it was a KC-10, it had 3 engines. Sometimes it be hard for to go and see the middle engine cause it’s in the ass of da plane.


Ouch, that is actually painful to read.quote]

Good gawd…for once we agree…TC[/quote]


When viewed from below the “airforce grey” appears quite dark against the bright sky.

Unless its an Airbus tanker!


It’s probably a stealth cargo surveillance craft used in the PI industry. Given your location, it might be worth checking “The Rockford Files”.




It was a KC-135. I’m 3 mi. from the end of the runway. And was outside that day. Lots of 135’s shoot approaches at RFD.


I was outside that day too. Maybe it was a B-52.
You must have missed the part where he said it only had 2 engines.


A B-52? Hope he wasn’t on Plan R for Robert and flying low to avoid radar, you know, if the pilot’s good, I mean if he’s reeeally sharp, he can barrel that thing in so low, oh it’s a sight to see. You wouldn’t expect it with a big ol’ plane like a '52, but varrrooom! The jet exhaust… frying chickens in the barnyard!


I think wonderdog meant the KC-135 was outside. Usually, they fly indoors (saves on the paint scheme) but this particular they decdided to throw caution to the wind and fly outside.