Trying to identify a small jet


Hey all -

I’ve been a lifelong aviation fanatic, but only in the last 2-3 months found your website - by far where I spend the most of my time now! Anyway, I observed a smaller lear jet-typed jet today taxiing back and forth at a local airport - I think they were working/testing something on it. The question though - it had 4 jet engines - 2 on each side of the tail. It was one of the loudest non-military planes I’ve ever heard, but I have no idea what it was. I tried to read the tail numbers on it, so I could figure it out on here, but it was just a little too far to see. Anyway - anyone know what that was that I saw? I’m interested in finding out so that I can find out the performance on that thing - it sounded incredible.


Did it look like this?


Lockheed JetStar II


that’s exactly what it was. thanks guys!


I’m about to research it a little more - seems a little over the top I thought?



The Lockheed Jetstar was originall developed for the military as a transport…I’ve written a fairly comprehensive article on the Bizjet

I’ll have to post it sometime


for the record it not a “small jet” its pretty big


Are those fuel tanks below each wing?



Click Here for a great article on the Jetstar.


Yes, they’re called “Slipper Tanks”.