Something strange on the news today..


I was watching the news rather passively when I heard them start to talk about the AAL bankruptcy filing. They showed some file footage of some AAL planes flying, taxiing, etc. But one clip was an AAL 757 on short final with its thrust reversers deployed. I’ve tried to find the video but haven’t been able to. I was pretty sure that those weren’t able to be deployed until the wheels were down. I know for a fact that they were deployed as the RR engines split in the middle for reverse thrust. In the video you can see that the engine is in forward thrust, and then the reversers are deployed before the plane touches down. I have not seen that on any other 757 (I’ve only see/heard of it being done on a C-17 and some Russian planes). I was wondering if anyone on here has any insight into this?


I’ve flown several airplanes that don’t have squat or WOW switches that lockout the reverser’s in the air. The Westwind, G2/3, I think the 4 but not sure about that one. I’m pretty sure the DC8 was another one. I can’t help you on the Boeing’s though. You don’t see it too often but on a short or icy runway it is nice to have them fully deployed at touchdown rather than waiting an extra 5 seconds. On the Westwind you had to be careful because it is a relatively short fuselage so there is a pronounced pitch up when they come out :open_mouth: . On the other hand the Gulfstream just slows down a bit faster :slight_smile: . You are obviously committed to land by pulling up on the piggybacks.

John in Saudi

Just found this: … everse.htm


I think this was the cause of the Lada Air crash about 20 years ago. One TR deployed in flight on a 75 or 76.

  1. Their problem was one T/R deployed just as they leveled off in cruise at full power. One engine going full speed ahead and one going full reverse is not good.


Very interesting! Thanks very much you learn somethin new every day! Haha yeah I bet you’d be pretty much stuck landing at that point


Yes, just the outboards though.


John are you saying you can throw out the buckets while in flight? Are there any limitations on that?


yes and yes they are not supposed to be deployed in the air. It is not a normal, every day operation. The old time guys that lived up north got used to doing it landing on icy runways. The trick is to touchdown .002 seconds before the deployed lights come on, at least that is what they say!


Hey y’all! Hold my beer and watch THIS! :laughing: