Air Force One has mechanical problem; Bush shifts to backup

Bummer, especially flying so far from home, and into volatile Indonesia. Does anyone know if his 757 has the same defensive features as the '47? Just curious. Also, any good 747 mechanics in Vietnam? That’s going to be one expensive repair bill by the time you fly someone from the U.S. halfway across the world. I would imagine they don’t want too many foreigners working on the a/c that carries an American President around the globe.

The story doesn’t say if AF1 is flyable or not- though it is obviously not in condition to fly the prez. Perhaps they will move it to location more favorible to a secure repair.

(for example, the anti-missle defense system could be non-op. Wouldn’t want the president on the plane, but make it clear he has gone on head of the 747 and let the Air Force crew move it).

The people who know the answer to that aren’t at liberty to talk about it on a place like this. :wink:

I heard AF1 was due for it’s annual and they decided to take advantage of the cheap, non-union labor over there.

Later news reports indicate a “tyre” problem caused by the auto-brake system. I wonder how many spares they carry? Do they hang from a little cable near the back like my Chevy?

You’ve never seen the spare strapped to the back? :wink:

I’d rather have that stupid cable and pulley (which always seems to stop working when you get the flat tire about halfway “up” into the slot, am I right?) than the damn donuts that I always seem to be putting on!! How cheesy are those?! Hopefully, budget cuts haven’t relegated AF1 to scrap the full-sized spare option. :wink: