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Identity of Jet

I work near BWI airport outside of Baltime Maryland. A few times a week, I see and hear a small size jet with 2 engines in the back that makes the loudest noise of all the jets I see. Also
a dark colored exhaust is very visible coming out of both engines. Can anybody tell me what model jet that is?
I saw thejet take off today and noticed the nose of the jet had a round shape like a ball.


Sounds like an older model. Jet engines have improved a lot over the years, not only in noise but in emissions.

Does it have tip tanks? Might be a LR-25

No it wasn’t a LR25. This jet doesn’t have wing tanks and is bigger than an LR-25 but smaller than a DC 9. It’s about the size of an Embracer Jet.

Maybe a Gulfstream 3, they leave a visible exhaust trail.
both at BWI recently.

Or maybe this?

I am thinking G-II without hush kit.

Maybe a BAC 1-11,there a couple of test aircraft outfitted with weird appendages,i have seen the above pictured aircraft in Huntsville.It is a Northrop-Grumman Test Aircraft.

I’ll take a shot at it…

I caught this guy shooting approaches at Pease NH tonight. Sorry for the poor photo quality but he snuck in behind me when I was shooting in the opposite direction:



It also matches the heavy smoke and unbelievable noise criteria for the engines. It sounded more like a F-15 in full afterburner than a G-II:


I haven’t done any real research on it yet but according to the interwebs it’s one of those “Area 51” planes. I think that it’s probably one of those odd-ball MIT birds that does hush-hush research and development for the government. Of course it’s blocked so not sure if it visits BWI very often.


Nice catch!

It’s hard to tell but it appears it does not even have stage II hush kits.

I took a look at the images I took at 100% resolution and I’d have to say I didn’t see any kind of mods on the engines.

In all honesty in my 19 years of flying and hanging around airports and what-not I would have to say this was the loudest GA aircraft I’ve ever heard. No joke.

As a connoisseur of aircraft noise, I’d actually put this bird right up near the top. It had that wonderful crackling, ripping-of-the-air sound similar to what you would get from say a T-38. But I digress… :slight_smile:

That is an Air Force jet belongs to Air Force Material Command,based at Hanscom Afb,which is known for working on various systems and thus all the wing pylons,not normally found on GA Aircraft,this one is a Electronic Comms system test aircraft.
Since it is a Air Force jet it doesn’t show up.

registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry … rtxt=105tb