USAF jet @ JAN


I fly in and out of JAN about 2x per month, and I always see this USAF jet parked near the GA terminal. Yesterday when I got out of my vehicle in the parking garage I saw this very loud jet barreling down the runway and takeoff. The jet is very small, single pilot cockpit, and is greenish in color, with USAF on the mid section. It looks to be very dated, as it is not very sleek. It is kind of bulky looking like an A10, but not near as big. Anybody know what they use this for? Thanks for any info.




So you’re sure it wasn’t an A-10? A-10’s look pretty small in person.


No, I wish. I will try and get one next week when I fly JAN- BWI. Now it will for sure rain and be foggy since I need this picture.


No, for sure it was not an A10. I forgot to say single engine jet. Did not have 2 like the A10.


How about F-16? They’re a bit smaller than the A-10’s. If it’s an older military jet, I probably can’t help you; I don’t know the older ones as much.


I wonder if it is an old warbird flown by a collector.

Green? Like in primer green or camo green

Green USAF planes usually date from the mid 60’s to mid 70’s.
So smaller jet my be Cessna Dragonfly, Northrop F-5?



I don’t think it would be F-111, F-4 or F-105 - too big / not active
You say it is not an A-10.

Maybe F-84?


Perhapd an old A-7? I don’t know if there are any privately owned out there. Is the intake in the nose? Maybe it’s an L-39…but that’s a bit sleek looking. Here is an A-7.


It looks very similar to the Dragonfly. It is like a dark camo green, and I am really not sure about the intake. I will be sure to get as many details as possible next week. If it is flown by a private collector, would it show up on FA?


It would show up on FA if they were flying IFR…VFR flights don’t show up. Maybe it’s a T-33:


Go to the place you see it parked and ask somebody.


Now that’s just not any fun.


The CAF, Commenerative Air Force flies a T-33 out of Jackson.

But no cammo.


Ugh, after having cared for a polished airplane in the past I swore I would never own one. They are beautiful though.


What about a Strikemaster? He said it looked like a Tweet and was very loud. That pretty much describes a Strikemaster


Maybe, but the USAF Handcuffs saw on the side of the plane kind of rules the BAE Strikemaster out. Mostly used as a trainer and light strike duties for Commonwealth countries.

But who knows, a lot of Strikemasters are flown by Warbird collectors.

The search continues. :slight_smile:


Is it a Canadair Tudor?


I have seen one on the west coast with USAF markings and one with USMC markings.


I love the vintage fighter/attack aircraft, but you guys aren’t putting ALL the clues together at once. The Phantom, F-111, F-105, Tweet, Dragonfly, and Strikemaster are all TWIN ENGINE AIRCRAFT, which handcuffs indicated was NOT the case with this aircraft. Plus, many of those are 2-seaters as well, and the Phantom and F-111 are pretty sleek, unlike his description.

My money is on the A-7 Corsair. It’s compact, not very sleek, single-seat, and many of the USAF remnants are painted in camo schemes. If I remember correctly (I’m going back some 18 or 20 years), they’re pretty loud as well. I remember seeing a few flying in/out of Langley AFB and/or the naval air stations in Virginia Beach and Norfolk when my dad lived in the Tidewater area. I don’t know about the Warthog comparisons, but I can’t think of any other plane that looks much like an A-10. :smiley: Hopefully, handcuffs will have a definitive answer before too long…


It todays day and time, especially at JAN, those security guys are just waiting for someone to do something suspicioius. The Governor’s plane(N20SM) is parked there as well, so I am always leary of getting to close. I hope to get a pic next week, if it is there. Sure as hell it will be gone now that I need this pic. BTW, thanks for all the replies. I wish I could remember more details, but the ones I listed are all that I can recall.