Air Force One


Has anyone ever caught a glimpse of Air Force One in person? I have, in fact it was only a couple of months ago. When President Bush was in Cancun, Mexico for a meeting on immigration. My US Airways flight to Charlotte and all the others were delayed because Bush was “apparentely” going to takeoff. There was a huge swarm of military helicopters and limos. An hour and a half later, we finally got the go to board. Bush never even left! Not a good time to be delaying flights in CANCUN DURING SPRING BREAK!!!


I live 14.7 nm (as the crow flies) from Andrews AFB and have had the privilege many times - but only in flight, never on the ground. I remember seeing the the old 707 ( ) frequently when I was a kid.

I work less than 1 nm from the White House and also see Marine 1 from time to time. I’m not sure what his call sign is when he’s in the car, but I see the motorcade on occasion too.

I’m glad I wasn’t on a plane at LAX May 18, 1993 when Clinton was getting his haircut! :unamused:


Saw it when W landed at BFL about a year or so ago. Seen it at TUL a couple of times. Got pushed out of OKC airspace when he went to Stillwater to give the commencement speach at Oklahome State…GO POKES!!!


February '04: I “camped” (in a 40 ft. RV w/ leather interior) in the infield of Daytona Int’l. Speedway. AF1 flew directly over us and tipped its wing before landing at the airport (right across the street). Bush was there as co-Grand Marshal. He announced that he was coming after NASCAR had already contacted Ben Affleck to be the GM, so they split the duties. A short commentary about American culture, in a funny sort of way. :wink:


Yep, saw Bush 41 in Spokane in a vc137 @ GEG and Kentucky vc25 @ LEX. Saw both 747’s with Clinton in Seattle @ BFI and saw one of the747’s at PAE getting a little work done at the factory. The factory one was funny because I was just driving to an appointment at Boeing supplier and it was lined up with a bunch of new ones at the factory. Also saw Dan Quayle with vc137 @ LEX and been aboard the vc137 at BFI several times. Saw Dick Cheney @ YKM during last campaign in c32.

Did I ever tell you about the time I visited the Oval Office during 41’s term… but I digress.


I was sitting in pizza hut once, in March? 2005 i think it was. He was scheduled to talk somewhere in Pittsburgh and landed at either KAGC or KPIT (I think KAGC is too small for a 747 though). I looked out the window and saw the 747 with the distinct logo.


AF1 is no ordinary 747. It has special performance characteristics which can get it into and out of some smaller fields.


AF1 is not a particular aircraft. It is a call sign used for ANY Air Force aircraft that the president is on.


Back in the day when I was working at KORD saw the old 707 with “Ronnie” onboard, flew right over me. Since I’ve moved to Las Vegas have seen it 3 times leaving McCarran. A beautiful bird for sure. BTW, not to nitpick, but, I think if you look into it ANY aircraft the president is on is considered AF1. Not necessarily an Air Force plane.


Almost correct. The number “1” remains but the prefix is changed. It can be, depending on the branch of service the aircraft belongs to, Marine 1, Navy 1, Army 1, Air Force 1, or Coast Guard 1.

If the president is on board a civlian aircraft, the call sign is Executive 1.

If only the presidential family is onboard, the above call signs are used with the suffix “F” (e.g. Air Force 1F).


Of course you’re right damiross. :blush: I didn’t go into enough detail although “I” knew what I meant. Thanks for clarifying for the board.


Never seen Air Force 1, but I have seen a VC-25A on a few occasions, and a VH-3D operating as Marine 1 on more than one occasion.


I got to see it about 4 weeks ago when Bush was in West Sacramento touring a Fuel cell company. I live right under the FROGO6 from SMF and got him directly over my house at about 5-7k. Made a change from the usual stream of Red-Bellied 737s I see out here.


You would not believe how often AF1 and AF2 showed up at CID during the last several presidential campaigns. (we got tired of them and drove out to see the support aircraft (C130’s and C17’s). -Jan in Iowa


When Clinton was in office he attended a funeral in PVD. We were slightly delayed taking off. When we finally taxied we could see AF1 parked in the North end of the airport. Funniest part was you could see AF1 then the Hooters sign right near it. I started laughing and the flight attendant asked me what was so funny, I told him to give another look at the sign. With that he started cracking up.

Not quite a sighting but my dad was on a business trip in the 80’s and the pilot came over the PA and said that they had someone on a nearby aircraft that wanted to say hello. With that he patched Ronald Regan through. He said hello wished everyone well.


Took this picture at MIA during 2004 when the Pres visited.


Not having seen the aircraft at this angle before, I noticed something. The aircraft looks like it has a face. The eyes consist of the windshield. The nose is the bump below the windshield. I take it this is for inflight refueling.

The mouth is the stripe around the aircraft’s real nose.


See, Ronnie WAS the Great Communicator…

He was THE MAN


True. Unfortunately, the only time I saw him in person was inside the Capitol Rotunda. :cry:


I got to meet him twice. Both at fundraisers for Cong. Bill Thomas. He actually took the time to talk to almost everyone who wanted to carry on a NORMAL conversation with him.

He was very normal person, considering he was the Pres.