Air Force One at XNA (Northwest Arkansas Reg)


President Bush came to town today from his ranch down in Texas. I drove out to the airport during lunch to snap some pictures. I’ll get them uploaded and post a reply.

Here’s the track of the press plane from Waco to XNA.


Here’s the track from XNA to Andrews AFB. They are supposed to leave around 3PM Central.



The Motorcade Plane…

Press Plane…


Nice “Laser”!


Great Pictures! I’m jealous that you got that close to AF1. Does anybody know why POTUS was in that area?


Thanks. I wasn’t real close to it, about 700 yards. I took my work camera to get a good zoom and high resolution. If anyone wants the high res shots, just let me know. They’re about 2-3mb each.

He was in town to talk about the economy. Northwest Arkansas has been and is currently doing very well with business growth, job opportunities, unemployment, yada yada. So he visited a couple companies and had a small (400 people), invitation only speech at a convention center. I’m not a fan of Bush by any means, but it was cool to see the planes :slight_smile:


700 yards is MUCH closer than 600 miles. haha. I guess it helps to let you know that I’m just a huge nerd for Presidential “stuff.” I took an internship in DC on the off chance I’d see a pres. motorcade. Never saw that, but I did see Marine One (and the decoys) flying towards Andrews one afternoon. Alas, I didn’t have a camera with me, though!

The planes are always cooler than the president.


Can you post to a picture hosting site like Flickr?


I took these of Air Force One while during a Miami visit in 2004. I know they are not as current but do offer a closer view.


Nice. How’d you get so close? We you in a plane on the taxi way?


I was in a SUV, just drove out to take pictures. Took some photos of 28000 last Friday when Air Force One was at MIA but pictures were real bad.


Do you work at the airport or something? If not, how’d you get so close?


Yes, I am a FAA Support Specialist - Quality Assurance at Miami Air Traffic Control Tower. The following is of a rare visitor to Miami Airport from this past Monday Oct. 15.


Lucky you. I wish I worked at an airport or did something in aviation. I thought I would like automotive engineering but I was wrong. Good learning experience though.

One of these days I’ll be doing something I enjoy, that’s for sure!


Hey. Do you happen to have the approximate wheels down time of AF1? I’ve become quite addicted to liveatc and was gonna see if I can find it in the archives!
Thanks so much!


Please ignore my ignorance. What kind of aircraft is the NATO plane?


It’s a big one that goes really fast! :stuck_out_tongue:

J/K I think it’s a Boeing 707. If it isn’t please correct me.


Yes it is a Boeing 707 more known or its military designator E-3.