President Bush's aircraft

Hello from Oklahoma, I am not new to this site but it has been along time since I have posted on this site. I was curious if anyone here knows what aircraft President Bush flys now and if he flys or drives to Crawford from Dallas. President Bush was recently in Woodward,Ok. He flew in on a chartered aircraft; however his flight plan was not available obviously for security reasons.

Ex Presidents and other high ranking politicians either charter or bum airplanes from supporters. I don’t know of too many that can afford to buy their own airplane, or are to cheap. :confused:

John in Saudi

Back in '03 Bush Sr. was on my Continental flight from Houston to DC. Boarding started, then I saw a couple vehicles pull up next to the aircraft, boarding halted for a few mins as I saw the Bush’s board the plane with their detail. They were seated in the first class section as I walked by to my seat.

N912JC - it’s untraceable. This is the one he leased when he went to Calgary in the winter. … 511689.jpg

Thanks for the responses, I guess I figured since he had "money’ he would eventually have his own plane. Ex-presidents flying commercial “thats rich” no pun intended. I know that “W” flew on a chartered plane when he came to Woodward, OK; but I can’t tell you what type he was on. I was working at the event he attended so I was not able to see his plane arrive. It was my first time to see him in person, he’s shorter than I expected… :smiley: