Presidential Candidates?

Anyone following any of the presidential candidates’ planes on the campaign trail? Blocked perhaps?

Found Rick Santorum’s ride after his visit to my home state of ND:


I believe this i Ron Paul’s charter.


It looks like he has switched to a Canadair Challenger CL60 … /KJYO/KGVL (for a flight to Lee Gilmer Airport for speech in Cumming GA) … /KGVL/KHLG (scheduled to fly to Wheeling Ohio County Airport for speech in Steubenville OH tomorrow)

Gulfstream 3 … /KBHM/KMOB

What’s Mitt Romney’s plane? He’s visiting here tomorrow.

Mitt Romney’s plane. Just departed Fargo, ND.

When referring to one particular flight, use the permalink. Click on the flight then copy the URL from the address bar: … /KFAR/KIDA

Rick Santorum is flying in a G-III now, N16AJ.

Still is, en route to Spokane now.

What is Mitt flying on into STL today?

Anyone know what Romney will be flying when he comes to Lakewood Wednesday?

Anyone have current tracking info - (besides Airforce One and Airforce Two).

Emb 135 just landed 15 min ago at downtown stl KCPS N728PH. Departing now 9:15 am central time. Tons of secret service guys, armed guards with full riot gear and ar15’s and multiple sherrifs.

Are you sure that’s not XLS728?

N728PH is shown as being at FOK on 29 Jun 12.

I got 2 pictures of it. I’m certain it was a 135 with N728PH tail.

Just checking. It could be a case like NetJets - the call sign is also the digits in the registration (e.g. N123AB is EJA123).

Yeah that’s probably there call sign, there were no other emb’s departing at that time. Either way they were making a huge deal out of it.

Mitt flew into SGJ from MKE on Sunday night on CXP121 a B734

I assume it’s about time where there’s a dedicated ride for the campaign, right?

CPX121 dep SGJ for MIA at 1522 on Mon