Interesting Piaware pickups...

P-8 Poseidon overhead my house this afternoon… … 1029/1724Z

SKIER87 - One of the ski equipped C-130’s out of Stratton ANG base here in Schenectady… - no track but I picked up their ADS-B…

Monday evening, I spotted Air Force 2 inbound to KORD, bring VP Biden in for some campaigning in the IL governer race. The flight was operated by a C-32A, hex ADFEB9.

Tuesday spotted another C-32A, Hex AE4AE8, at FL290 with a SAM44 callsign.

Both observations were Mode S.

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Here is a screenshot of my Air Force 2 observation.


SKIER87 is doing touch and goes again…

STEEL66 purported to be a KC-135T out of the 171st ARW in Pittsburgh.

COBRA55. Purported to be an RC-135S Cobra Ball out of Offut AFB.

SHUCK82 -—Air/Boeing-E-3C-Sentry/2356187/&sid=e2a21ab5206a3d46cd50baa90aae9ce2

This is good… GOTOFMS - [url

I have 84-0187 AE01DF as Toga32 and 87-0117 AE0230 as Quest62 at about FL260, both DC-10s (KC-10?)
Until Planeplotter went down, I was getting LAX ground traffic second hand- would some of those count as ‘pickups’?
Frequently see the GOTO FMS over Sacramento area- last week eyballed on approach to KMHR.

Cripes… there’s a lot of incorrect info about the E-6 in that article. It’s almost as if the source was actually intentional mis-information provided by the operators.

Also the notion that people on the internet can track sensitive assets during an operational mission is kind of laughable. :unamused:
I’m not saying if it’s done or not but it’s pretty easy to spoof a hex code (and much more) when necessary to make an E-6 look like a KC-135 or C-17, etc. :wink:

My deepest apologies. I didn’t write the article. I have linked it to the Wikipedia entry for the E-6. No doubt you’ll find issues with it too. Only reason I referenced the earlier article was due to it specifically mentioning the GOTOFMS callsign.

Is it spoofed? Perhaps. Perhaps the RC-135, KC-135 and E-8 that have popped up recently are spoofed too. What’s interesting with PIONR10 (the E-8 that showed up today again) is that FA tracked it from Pax River. The RC-135 and the KC-135 were both seen within the previous six hours around RAF Mildenahall. KALB has the dubious(?) distinction of being a pretty significant waypoint in the states for flights coming and going across the pond.


ps… here’s the link to PIONR10

Sorry, I wasn’t attacking you… rather the guy who wrote the article.

As far as your target track IDs, I’m sure they’re all legit, and pretty neat to see IMO. There’s no real need for subterfuge while “Flying the friendly skies”. During operational missions overseas though there’s enough shady shell games going on with these guys to confuse even our own military, let alone the bad guys. :slight_smile:

Yep, that’s part of the 631 track. Our boys from the 157th ARW here at KPSM spend a lot of time passing gas in that area.

Edit: This might be of some use in your endeavors- airrefuelingarchive.files.wordpr … tracks.jpg

He’s back… … 1112/2250Z

Assigned to the 227th Special Operations Flight. They like shooting approaches at KALB for some reason…

Just saw him on mine flying around the Puget Sound today.

Registration 164386
Latitude 48°33.443N
Longitude 122°38.180W
Alt 22000’ (-192 fpm)
Flight no GOTO FMS
Mode-S/ADS-B rep. at 17:37:06
Recd. at 141114 173706 *M
Heading 185°
Speed 474kts
ICAO id AE0413
Squawk 1633
Type E6

Picked up an Indian C-17 and a UK C-130 today in the Chicago Area.

I think the Indian C-17 was on a delivery flight to India. Doing some research, this Indian C-17 was operating last month in the CA area with Boeing callsign.


I picked up a GOTO FMS E-6B passing thru the Chicago area westbound at FL300. He was even providing Lat/Lon info.



Marty -

Are you logging into some sort of database?



Yes, I wrote a Python program that runs on my RPi that send all my observations to a MySql database on a hosting site. I have several other tables to tie the observed hex code to more specific info about the aircraft.