New P8 spotted

Saw this on my ADSB site

Serial: 169008 (is hexcode: AE57CD)
Type: P-8A
Operator USN | VP-4 [KNUW]
Country United States
Remarks ------ Source: LMMS

AE57CD Flag DRAGN92 4703 23,975 464 74.5 273° 935 0

I picked it up back in Feb. It had a callsign, VVLL808, which maps to VP-30.


VP30 is the training Squadron. I see its now VP4. I wonder if VP30 was using it to transition the VP4 pilots.

Could be, thanks.

I have six in ActiveDisplay that I’ve picked up over the past couple of years.

Here are all the P-8s that I have picked up.

beckerm,one of those in your lists is wrong,OMAHA 49 is not a P-8,they do have several P-3.Caught the brand spanking new P-8A the other day 169325 heading from Boeing to Nas Jacksonville,it was RC-325 so eventually go to Nas Whidbey heading to Jax for training.

Ok, thanks. I’ll research it.